Supporting Spoken Communication

An app for people with non-standard speech

Use Voiceitt for Assistance in Conversation

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“Hello, my name is Kay.”

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“I want a snack.”

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“Can I have the bill, please?”

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Use Voiceitt to Control Alexa

For your Alexa device or favorite smart home assistants and device: Voiceitt’s got you covered.

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Voiceitt User uses Alexa to get the Philadelphia Eagles update
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Voice Technology for Every Voice



your speech to train a phrase


phrases to use any time


using your own voice

Smart Home


your speech to train commands


Voiceitt with your Alexa or smart home device


and make your home accessible with your voice

Pre-order now, and Voiceitt will automatically download to your device on launch day.

What Our Users are Saying

Be Understood with Voiceitt

Pre-order now, and Voiceitt will automatically download to your device on launch day.

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Our Technology

Designed by experts in algorithms and linguistics, Voiceitt learns your unique speech patterns. By using statistical modeling and machine learning, Voiceitt improves every time you use it.

Get started in just minutes with easy and intuitive onboarding.

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For Organizations

Use Voiceitt with your students, clients, and patients to support their spoken communication. Our speech algorithm is designed to learn and understand a range of speech patterns and types.

Learn more about Voiceitt for your clients.