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"Hello, I'm Nat"

“Now that I don’t have to call my mom and dad in, or my aid or my assistant in, and tell them ‘Hey, I need this; I need that,’ I can do it independently… 

I use [Voiceitt] all the time… I use it to do everything.”

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When we lived in the last house, any little mechanical need that he needed to adjust... that fell to us. He had to call to us to take care of it.

I think one of the important things that Voiceitt has brought to us is a little bit of liberation, not only in the day-to-day, but in terms of adopting things as they come forward.

So Voiceitt has actually given Nat an opportunity to touch so many more things that are now in the mainstream. This allows him to do the same things that other people do, and more, with his house. And that's what Voiceitt has opened for us.

Nat's dad, Jerry

"Hello, I'm Brian"

“I love technology!”

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"Hello, I'm Karl "

“It’s magical and a miracle. Voiceitt is integral in my ability journey to communicate!! I am so thankful for everything Voiceitt is doing in the area of accessibility to communication for those who are unable to speak.


I just wanted to share how absolutely thankful I am for you. This ability this year… the ability to communicate is the continual highlight of my year.”

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