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Voiceitt Smart Home lets you do more on your own

A man uses Alexa to turn on his living room lamp
Turn living room lamp on
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Control your home with your voice

Turn on your lights, play your TV, change the channel, or play your favorite playlist.

Personalized commands

Use the features that fit your lifestyle-- make tasks easier, stay connected, or control your home environment.

Use your devices

Integrate with Alexa, or connect to your favorite smart home device or assistant.

Any language or accent

We’re committed to inclusion and independence, helping individuals around the world communicate freely and naturally by voice.

Mainstream smart home devices don’t understand people with non-standard speech, but Voiceitt does.

Pre-order now, and Voiceitt will automatically download to your device on launch day.

Voiceitt integrates with your Alexa or connects with your favorite smart home devices, so you can control your smart home with your voice.

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Train commands, so they’re ready to use when you want to play your favorite songs, check the news, or turn on the lights.

Learns and Recognizes Your Speech


Always Free

  • Communicate using our curated list of introductory phrases

Voiceitt Plus

Subscribe for 30 days, then $199/year
$ 199
  • Gain Independence controlling your smart home devices
  • Access 200+ pre-set phrases to use in everyday conversations
  • Create your own conversation phrases and smart home commands
  • Cancel anytime
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Pre-order now, and Voiceitt will automatically download to your device on launch day.

Speech Recognition

Designed for a large spectrum of speech impairments, Voiceitt’s machine learning adapts to your speech, so you can use your smart home device or assistant knowing you’ll be understood.
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