Partners and Investors

Since 2012, we’ve been working with non-profits, associations, health and speech professionals, and people with disabilities to develop Voiceitt. We are so grateful for our investors and partners who have helped us build so much more than an app.


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“We could not be prouder of Danny and the Voiceitt team. Voiceitt has matured from a concept into a cutting edge technology which will materially change the lives of tens of thousands by giving voice to those who cannot speak on their own. We are excited for Voiceitt to serve so many more people in need worldwide in 2020 and beyond.”

- Karl Anderson , CEO, Viking Maccabee Ventures

Grants and Awards

“Our work with Voiceitt is already yielding impactful results for people with intellectual disabilities supported within the DIDD Waiver programs. It’s our hope to expand use of this innovative product in order to provide more opportunities for people to use this technology as a bridge for communication with their loved ones, friends, colleagues and community members.”

-Brad Turner, Commissioner of Department of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Tennessee.
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Partners and Supporters