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Voiceitt learns your clients’ unique speech patterns

Voiceitt app in listening mode

An app for your clients and students

• Voiceitt learns your clients’ unique speech patterns
• Any language or accent

For daily routines and a bit of assistance

• An app that can be downloaded on any iOS device your client already owns
• Use Voiceitt for Smart Home or Conversations

Accessibility Inside and Out

With features like accessible buttons, easy flow, and compatibility with VoiceOver and Switch Control, the Voiceitt app is designed to be accessible. 

Its recognition of a large range of atypical speech supports spoken communication with people and smart home systems, facilitating accessibility outside the app. 

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Two phones both showing the Voiceitt app. Phrases for introductions are on one phone, and training screen for "Nice to meet you" is on the other.
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Is Voiceitt right for your client or student?

Voiceitt's Features

Personalized vocabulary- choose from ready-to-use phrases, add your own, or create shortcut phrases

Improves recognition with every use- Voiceitt adapts to unique speech patterns, improving recognition the more it’s used

Developed with our users and SLP consultants from the beginning


Always Free

  • Communicate using our curated list of introductory phrases

Voiceitt Plus

$ 199 Try 30 days for free then $199/year
  • Gain Independence controling your smart home devices
  • Access 200+ pre-set phrases to make everyday conversations
  • Create your own conversation phrases and smart home commands
Voiceitt users

Looking for more information?

Tell us about your organization or ask a question, and our representatives will get back to you shortly. 

Our Partners

Since development, we’ve partnered with hospitals, non-profit organizations, and users for feedback and to guide our app.