Voiceitt is here for a bit of assistance in your daily routine

Voiceitt is designed to assist you in being understood.

Use your voice

Voiceitt learns your unique speech patterns for best recognition

Everyday situations

Create your personalized vocabulary for your daily communication and routines

Shortcut phrases

When you want, you can say part of a phrase and Voiceitt can complete the rest

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Any language or accent

Accessibility and inclusion are our top priorities, so our technology recognizes speech-- making Voiceitt language independent.

No bulky boards or equipment

Use your own iPhone or iPad

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Use Voiceitt as your helper

For people with limited, unintelligible speech, Voiceitt’s first-of-its-kind speech recognition can identify and learn your speech patterns.

Voiceitt supports your spoken communication by recognizing, saying, and displaying your pre-trained phrases in real-time conversations.

The more you use Voiceitt, the more its recognition improves.​

Looking for Smart Home?

Using Voiceitt is as easy as 123...


and customize the phrases that fit your everyday life.


the app how you say hello, your name, or just about any phrase.


with friends, family, and unfamiliar listeners using your own voice.

Learns and Recognizes Your Speech


Always Free

  • Communicate using our curated list of introductory phrases

Voiceitt Plus

Subscribe for 30 days, then $199/year
$ 199
  • Gain Independence controlling your smart home devices
  • Access 200+ pre-set phrases to use in everyday conversations
  • Create your own conversation phrases and smart home commands
  • Cancel anytime
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Pre-order now, and Voiceitt will automatically download to your device on launch day.