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What is Voiceitt?

A speech recognition app for people with speech disabilities, disorders, or impairments

Why choose Voiceitt?

Use your voice to communicate with smart homes or anyone; with Voiceitt, you’ll be understood​​

How does it work?

With machine learning, Voiceitt identifies and learns your unique speech​​​

Is Voiceitt right for me?

Try your speech to see how Voiceitt works for you with our free introduction phrases!

Voiceitt's Features

Your exact pronunciation

For the best recognition, Voiceitt learns your unique speech patterns.

Shortcut phrases

When you want, you can say part of a phrase and Voiceitt can help to say the rest.

Developed with leading speech professionals

Accessibility and inclusion are our top priorities.

Voiceitt app in listening mode

Accessibility across languages and accents

We’re committed to inclusion and independence, helping individuals around the world communicate freely and naturally by voice.

Support any time you want

Our customer support team is here to help!

iOS devices

No bulky boards or equipment

Voiceitt Conversations

Voiceitt's there for the words you want in conversations and your daily routine

Voiceitt Smart Home

Integrate with Alexa or use with your favorite smart

What Our Users are Saying

Our Technology

Designed by experts in algorithms and linguistics, Voiceitt learns your unique speech patterns. By using statistical modeling and machine learning, Voiceitt improves every time you use it.

Get started in just minutes with easy and intuitive onboarding.

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